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Wow -- a page all about me? Alright...

I'm a 37 year public servant.

I'm located in the First Grand Division (or third depending on who you ask) of the great state of Tennessee near Jackson. I really believe Tennessee and particularly West Tennessee are "God's Garden Spot".

I scored a 262 on the automated version of the Wikipediaholic test. I'm spend far too much time here, apparently.


Articles I'd like to see written/write[edit]

  • Center for Southern Folklore (in Memphis, TN)
  • Judy Peiser, Co-Founder/Executive Director at CSF
  • William Ferris, Co-Founder of CSF, former Chairman of NEH
  • Mose Vinson (Blues Pianist)
  • Justice P. Little (Famed Gospel Pianist and Entertainer)
  • Belz Enterprises
  • Jack Belz

Articles I'd like to see cleaned up or otherwise improved[edit]

...though no one else may care...

The Illuminus Organisation
Heavy Metal a Tank Company's Battle to Baghdad (book) - DUH
Valley View, Texas - addition of local resident can be refined
National library - basic formating/TOC standardization


My "Works in Progress" Page

I wish I had a "rollback" button! I can't figure out how to get cool revert edit summaries...

Links I might need[edit]